Sustainable Formulation

The personal and home care consumer is becoming more climate-conscious, demanding more minimalistic ingredients, and calling for more inclusivity. Consumer demands are also evolving into legislative requirements. Does your product development team have robust systems to monitor the changing regulatory landscape?

Through our technology landscaping process, we help companies find ingredients, technologies, and partners to solve these and other challenges. We provide the answers you need to make the right future-focused decisions for your brand, giving you confidence in your next in-house innovation or investment.

Leading brands come to us for help navigating complex futures, maximizing innovation impact, and meeting challenging sustainability goals.  

Impact Stories

Faced with the challenge of creating a cleaner label while maintaining a vibrant product, our client came to us for a broad patent landscape of natural colorants. Our client, a Fortune 500 FMCG manufacturer, asked us to explore options to improve the stability of natural colorants and new sources of natural blues and greens.
Understanding that their consumers want to see more natural preservatives on labels, our client, a Fortune 500 FMCG manufacturer, asked RTI Innovation Advisors to help position them to continually deliver more natural preservatives in their products.

Our client, a Fortune 500 CPG manufacturer, engaged with us to understand partnership options for a combination natural insect repellant and sunscreen product. Additionally, they wanted to understand how new regulations may impact their potential product launch.    


Over the last several years, innovative concentrated product formats have taken off: gels, liquid cartridges, powder concentrates, and tableted concentrates. For many of our clients developing cleaning, personal care, and water-based beverages, these emerging formats are of interest because they contribute to making progress on sustainability goals and current trends. 

Many clients have expressed interest in understanding microbiome-targeted ingredients. With expertise in biotechnology, formulation, and innovation, RTI Innovation Advisors works with CPG clients to understand the potential of these technologies and validate claims.
In our work advising on new technologies and ingredients for suncare products, we see three trends impacting the category. Learn more.
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