Innovation Ecosystem Strategy

Enable Your Innovation to Thrive

How are you tying your innovation strategy to your innovation ecosystem? 

Do you need to access business insight, scientific discovery, or investment capital to commercialize your technologies?

Do you want to leverage economic development initiatives by connecting to your ecosystem?

Innovation is most impactful when completed within the ecosystem where you turn your research and technology into products and services to create economic impact and solve global challenges.  Actors across government, academia, corporations, the entrepreneurial community, and small and medium enterprises interact to bring opportunities to impact. 

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Impact Stories

Can a nation promote economic growth by connecting to the innovation ecosystem? Since 2013, we’ve participated in implementing the Philippines’ Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) program, which bolstered the country’s innovation ecosystem. Read about our work facilitating economic growth by connecting an organization to its innovation ecosystem.


image of a group of people working to strengthen their innovation ecosystem

Recycling is an industry in crisis. A broken recycling system is contributing to the plastic waste problem, and we need a systems approach to revitalize plastic recycling. Learn how we applied our innovation ecosystem framework to establish a plastic recycling industry cluster in the Ohio River Valley.



As innovation advisors, we know that the innovation ecosystem can empower an organization – or country – to change the path they’re on. Learn how we work with clients to strengthen their innovation ecosystem to becomes the connective tissue that allows innovation to thrive.  

How are innovation, entrepreneurship, and the ecosystem interconnected? What is the innovation ecosystem’s role in innovation? Is there a tie between entrepreneurship and innovation? Innovation advisor Tawnada Muzhingi answers these questions and more, and provide examples that support his point of view. 

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