Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Understanding the Opportunities of Digital Transformation

How will digital transformation will affect your business over the next five years?  What are the enabling technologies you should invest in? Do you need advice on implementing a successful transformation strategy? 

We work with you to align your people, processes, and culture around your goals and strategy. As a result, your entire organization understands – and seizes – the opportunities that digital transformation enables.

Whether you’re just starting to think about the process, or well on your way to digital maturity, we work with you to create a roadmap that leads to your long-term success.

Impact Stories

Transforming Your Digital Supply Chain

While a client had invested considerable time and money in digital transformation projects, they hadn’t seen the ‘promise of advanced analytics’ materialize within their organization. Using our project portfolio tool, we helped the organization plan and manage their digital transformation by defining and clarifying the benefits of a digital strategy

Innovating with Digital Twin Technology

Our client wanted to create a model to help small Rustbelt communities thrive and compete in the digital age while encouraging economic revitalization and development. After examining external technology trends and engaging with the organization’s stakeholders, we identified digital twin technologies as a driver of regional innovation and transformation.

Ensuring Your Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is as much about your organizational readiness as it is about the technology. Perhaps you’re unsure about where to start. Or maybe you’ve begun your transformation and are struggling with potential risks. We help you define your strategy and goals and determine your readiness to achieve the goals. We help you plan your roadmap and define pilot projects so you can see benefits long-term.


Increasingly our offerings are linked to digital transformation and the challenges the transformation introduces.  Each client’s needs, goals, and transformation journey are unique. As we assess our clients’ readiness for digital transformation, we apply universal guiding principles. Read about those principles.

Our Experts

Steve McManus

Steve McManus oversees work in our manufacturing sector. As the primary contact for the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers (NIST MEP), he helped NIST MEP implement technology acceleration services that include technology scouting and technology-driven market intelligence (TDMI). His experience includes medical device manufacturing, business development in fabrics and fibers, and commercialization of composites and smart materials technologies. Steve has an M.S. in Management and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Mike Osbourne

Michael Osbourne supports technology acceleration and growth work with manufacturers through our work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership program. He joined us from Sedona International, an engineering services and product development company that he co-founded, and where he was CEO. He has also worked in a variety of R&D, manufacturing and management roles for large and mid-sized technology-driven companies. Michael has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine.

Tyler Ovington

With experience spanning manufacturing, licensing, intellectual property and regulatory challenges, Tyler identifies and solves product launch challenges. He's established and managed supply chains and worked with contract manufacturers to resolve their technical challenges and reduce costs. While working internationally, Tyler vetted manufacturing partners and conducted stakeholder interviews with government and private buyers, end-users, and distributors. He received a B.S. in Bioengineering from Clemson University.

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